Vaginal Arts & Crafts (Summer 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Craft Projects

Lucky Vulva Coinpurse!

Lucky Vulva Coinpurse

If you've always wanted to spit money out of your vagina, now you sort of can.

Knitted Stirrup Cozies!

Knitted Stirrup Cozies

Giddy-up! Take two small steps towards comfy gyno appointments.

Condom Dildos!

Condom Dildos

Condoms can transform just about anything into a sex toy. Kind of.

Crafty links!

Crafty Links

Vagina-friendly craft projects from the rest of the internet.


Dorrie Lane, Vulvalutionary!

Wonders and Vulvalutions!

Dorrie Lane chats about her Wondrous Vulva Puppets, Vulva University, and the vulvalution.

Nigel R. of Divine Interventions!

Selling a Second Coming

Nigel R. of Divine Interventions discusses his trials and triumphs with diety-shaped dildos.

Boxing Katrina!

Boxing Katrina

This sculptor talks erotic art, body image, and images of bodies.


Photo by SNJacobson!

Photo by SNJacobson

Inspired by a truly remarkable vulva.

Art & Shopping Links!

Art & Shopping Links!

Vagina-related arts and crafts from the rest of the internet— to buy, or to inspire you.

Book P/reviews

Preview of Hot Pink!

Creating Pubic Art

Deborah Driggs & Karen Risch share muff sculpting ideas from their eBook Hot Pink, which is then reviewed.

Preview of The Woman's Around The House Guide To Masturbation!

Have You Ever Made Love To A Banana?

Tina Hess shares DIY toy tips, from her eBook The Woman's Around The House Guide To Masturbation, which is then reviewed.

Further Reading!

Further Reading

More crafty books that didn't get read.

From the Vaults!

From the Vaults

Related topics from the rest of All About My Vagina.


Thanks and Praise!

Thanks and Praise

Our contributors must be acknowledged!

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