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Knitted Stirrup Cozies

Cold stirrups make feet sad.

Next time you mount an exam table and commence whatever it is you do to relax while your cervix is scraped and your ovaries are prodded, consider packing along a pair of fuzzy covers for those ridiculous stirrups. Slipping your feet into cozy foot rests instead of chilly medical devices is a comfort you surely deserve when responsibly participating in gynecological screening or diagnostics. These also make wonderful donations to women's health centers or your usual clinic.

The cozies are constructed as drawstring bags, so the gauges and sizing are flexible. I knit mostly with thrifted yarn, so the materials are flexible too.

Two styles, both very easy:

Model A: Fluffy Orange Blobs

See how happy this foot is? Stirrup cozies!

Easy and delightful. I knit these at a tighter gauge than usual to make them extra furry and thick.

Materials (makes 2):


Finished dimensions:

Pattern (make 2):

Using MC, CO 40sts. Distribute evenly among needles and join, being careful not to twist.

P around.

*K2tog YO* to last st, K1.

K around.

** Switch to CC and K 2 rounds.

Holding both yarns together, K 5 rounds.

Using CC, K 2 rounds.

Using MC, K 2 rounds. **

Repeat from ** to ** twice more.

BO all sts.


Mattress st bound-off edge.

Weave in ends.

Thread one ribbon through bottom eyelets to make a drawstring.

Model B: Black with Red Hearts

We can't keep our feet off these cozies.

Guaranteed to add a touch of sophistocation to your appointment, even when you're wearing a paper sheet.

I declare the first row the wrong side, so that the garter stitch border can be as tiny as possible without having to make eyelets from the wrong side. Don't be alarmed.

Materials (makes 2):


Finished dimensions:

Pattern (make 2):

Heart Knitting Chart

Using MC, CO 36sts.

(WS) K 1 row.

Sl1, *K2tog YO* to last st, K1.

P11 (purl eleven), place marker, P to end.

K to marker and begin heart chart from bottom right corner. (K to end.)

Continue to work even until chart has been completed.

Work even in St. st. until work measures 5.5" / 14cm.

BO all sts.


Mattress stitch selvedge edges together.

Flatten piece with selvedge seam at center back and heart at center front. Mattress stitch top edge.

Weave in ends.

Thread one ribbon through bottom eyelets to make a drawstring.

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Do you need knitting help? Try or Knitty for techniques and other goodies.

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