Radio Vulva! (Winter 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Showdown: Final Round

Let's Get It On vs. Little Red Corvette

Galen: And here we are… The two titans!

Rebecca: It had to come to this.

Sarah: What would have happened if these two had met up in the first round?

Rebecca: There would have been no point… to living!

Sarah: Let's listen to both of them.

Rebecca: Let's listen to Little Red Corvette first!

Little Red Corvette

Little Red Corvette
by Prince, 1982

Sample lyrics:
“ Move over baby, gimme the keys
Iím gonna try 2 tame your little red love machine ”

Sarah: I think this one's going to win, just because it's got so many more references. The whole song is about pussy. It's right in the title.

Rebecca: It's really got that visceral longing too. Really working for that pussy. And that's part of what makes [sex] good, when you really, really want it. Marvin doesn't even have to want it!

Galen: He's just exalting in his kingdom. Let's take a page from Marvin. (reading from liner notes) “After all, one's genitals are just one magnificent part of the human body… and thanks to all you women for sweet inspiration.”

Rebecca: Prince is like the tortured pussy warrior.

Sarah: He can never have enough. He always fucks it up.

Rebecca: Exactly. Why you wanna treat him so bad? He loves you!

Sarah: In his way.

Galen: Among several others.

Sarah: No, he's reformed now.

Rebecca: This is more of an emotionally complex song, or maybe not.

Galen: I don't know, Marvin's pleading, “Stop beating around the bush!”

Sarah: Hmm, we've got it backwards. Marvin's the one who's still pleading. He's just making it look good, like “come on, you want to get it on.” Prince is saying, “You've got to slow down. I'm already having sex with you, and so is everyone else.” Prince isn't longing, Marvin is.

Rebecca: That's true. “I've been really tryin', baby…”

Sarah: Prince has such a funny message here. You've got to slow down, or you're going to run your body right into the ground.

Rebecca: They're two very different songs.

Let's Get It On

Listening to Let's Get It On
by Marvin Gaye, 1973

Sample lyrics:
“ Come on, darling
Stop beating 'round the bush ”

Rebecca: Prince isn't necessarily a healthy lover. I think Marvin would be.

Sarah: I don't know. Marvin's so in love with himself. Marvin could probably sit around alone and sing this song. “It's going to happen later. I don't care.” Never mind that Marvin thought this song was so good that he put it on the other side of the record again.

Rebecca: Yeah, “Keep Gettin' It On.”

Sarah: If it doesn't work the first time, flip it over and try again.

Rebecca: They're both good screamers.

Sarah: Yeah, this is a really fair fight.

Galen: But can anybody really top “beatin' around the bush?”

Rebecca: But, “little red love machine!”

Galen: And Little Red Corvette has so many more references.

Sarah: “Beatin' around the bush” is the funniest thing ever. Ever. But it's true; it's that one line against all of Little Red Corvette. Prince really builds a complex metaphor with that corvette. He goes a lot of places.

Rebecca: Listen, Marvin's establishing that they're in love.

Sarah: Yeah, this isn't just Saturday night. This is cosmic love.

Galen: Salvation.

Sarah: Both songs are about sexual salvation. It's the carrot, or the stick. Marvin will reward you— and it's good for you— or you'll ruin your body if you don't find a love that's going 2 last with Prince.

Rebecca: This one is definitely more akin to getting it on. It sounds sexier.

Sarah: But they're both very appropriate to their subject matter. They've got all the right feelings for what they're talking about.

Rebecca: This is really hard.

Galen: It's probably Little Red Corvette. Just because it is so focussed on on the corvette-pussy metaphor. I prefer Let's Get It On, it's more of a classic song to me, but I have to vote for Little Red Corvette in this context.

Sarah: Rebecca?

Rebecca: Little Red Corvette. I like that song better, and in my books, it is a classic.

Winner: Little Red Corvette

Ding ding! We have a grand champion!

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