Radio Vulva! (Winter 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Showdown: Round 2, Fight 4

I Want A Little Sugar in my Bowl vs. Kinky Reggae

I Want A Little Sugar in my Bowl

Listening to I Want a Little Sugar in my Bowl
by Nina Simone, 1967

Sample lyrics:
“ What's the matter Daddy?
Come on, save my soul
Drop a little sugar in my bowl ”

Kinky Reggae

Listening to Kinky Reggae
by Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1973

Sample lyrics:
“ She had brown sugar
All over her booga wooga ”

Rebecca: Kinky Re—

Galen: No-o-o!

Sarah: Are you serious?

Galen: It's not real!

Rebecca: Well, they're both about sugar! I just like brown sugar. Including that great song by The Rolling Stones.

Galen: You voted against that, you… flip-flopper!

Rebecca: Nah, Sugar in my Bowl. I'm just being infuriating.

Galen: How about Kinky Reggae is the best song that's not… about pussy?

Sarah: It gets an honorable mention.

Galen: Best reference that could be, but isn't.

Sarah: We wish it the most.

Galen: We wish it success.

Winner: I Want A Little Sugar in my Bowl

Ding ding! End of Round 2!

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