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Showdown: Round 1, Fight 7

Kinky Reggae vs. Terraplane Blues

Kinky Reggae

Listening to Kinky Reggae
by Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1973

Sample lyrics:
“ She had brown sugar
All over her booga wooga ”

Galen: Kinky Reggae?!?

Rebecca: “All over her booga-wooga!”

Galen: That doesn't even mean her pussy!

Sarah: Those are shoes.

Rebecca: Are they?

Sarah: Yeah… I put it in as an honorable mention because it sounds so great!

Galen: If it was real, it would be great.

Rebecca: Shoes!

Sarah: Yeah, booga-woogas are shoes that canefield workers wear, when they harvest sugar cane. So it just means she's a canefield worker, it doesn't mean anything dirty.

Galen: And then they get high.

Rebecca: Right onnnnn, Right onnnnn… What's kinky about it, then?

Sarah: It's kinky in the other sense, like black people's hair.

Terraplane Blues

Listening to Terraplane Blues
by Robert Johnson, 1971

Sample lyrics:
“ I'm on get deep down in this connection
hoo-well, keep tanglin' with these wires
And when I mash down on your little starter
then your spark plug will give me fire ”

Galen: This does have the advantage of actually being an intentional metaphor.

Sarah: Versus Kinky Reggae you mean?

Galen: Yeah, which is just an imaginary reference!

Sarah: I can't tell who's cheating on who in this song. He's got a woman that he's loving down in Arkansas, but he also wants to know who's been driving his Terraplane since he's been gone. Basically, I guess we've got a sexed up bluesman singing about car parts.

Galen: That probably wins out over the imaginary reference.

Sarah: But the imaginary reference is so awesome!

Galen: It isn't real!

Sarah: Galen, art exists as an active collaboration with the audience.

Galen: Yeah, but, we've been judging intentional expressions all this time. We can't just throw in fake references now.

Sarah: OK… judges? Galen, I think we know where you stand.

Galen: Yeah, I just can't award it on a fictitious reference.

Sarah: Rebecca?

Rebecca: Uh… Kinky Reggae?

Sarah: You're going with Kinky Reggae? Me too.

Galen: Live in the now! You're deluding yourselves!

Rebecca: But it's so fun!

Sarah: You can fix it in the next round.

Winner: Kinky Reggae

Ding ding! End of Round 1!

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