Radio Vulva! (Winter 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Showdown: Round 1, Fight 6

Backdoor Man vs. Diddle My Skittle

Backdoor Man

Listening to Backdoor Man
by Howlin' Wolf, 1960

Sample lyrics:
“ I eats more chicken than any man seen
I am a backdoor man ”

Sarah: I don't even know if eating chicken is really a reference to pussy. I'm just working by the rule of thumb that any reference to food in a blues song is sexual. I hope it's real, because I really like it!

Galen: It is awesome, but that's not a very big reference.

Sarah: True. The song is mostly about adultery, but he focusses on satisfying his women, which is kind of fun.

Diddle My Skittle

Listening to Diddle My Skittle
by Peaches, 2002

Sample lyrics:
“ Come diddle my skittle
'Cause there's only one peach with the hole in the middle ”

Galen: Huh.

Sarah: You look so oppressed right now.

Galen: Yeah… it's a more definite reference, but it's a dumb song.

Rebecca: Yeah, it's dumb.

Sarah: That was a bit of a party stopper.

Rebecca: Ah, some people really like Peaches. For me, I'd rather listen to Salt 'n' Pepper. It's true that every Peaches song sounds like “Push It.”

Galen: Howlin' Wolf wins.

Rebecca: Can I say I don't want to vote for either of them?

Sarah: You have duties, judge. Who loses the most?

Rebecca: I'd say Peaches. So Howlin' Wolf wins.

Sarah: It's ok. You can eliminate him in the next round.

Winner: Backdoor Man

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