Radio Vulva! (Winter 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Showdown: Round 1, Fight 2

G-Spot vs. Sweet 69

Rebecca: Whoa!

Galen: Good match up!


Listening to G-Spot
by Jill Jones, 1987
(written by Prince)

Sample lyrics:
“ G-Spot, G-Spot, where can U be? ”

The song starts. Everyone laughs.

Sarah: This is such a Prince song.

Rebecca: [sings along] A-U-T-O-Matic

Sarah: Exactly!

Rebecca: What is she spelling?

Sarah: F-i-n-a-l-l-y… I can't tell how good this song ever was. It's so incredibly dated.

Rebecca: It's not that catchy. It doesn't really have a strong hook.

Galen: But, the G-Spot content— I can't think of any other songs about G-Spots.

Sarah: This was rather ahead of it's time, to be singing “I can't find my G-Spot” in 1987.

Galen: Pretty forward-thinking, Prince.

Sweet 69

Listening to Sweet 69
by Pink Mountaintops, 2004

Sample lyrics:
“ Sweet, sweet 69!
Let me wrap my lips around your rose ”

Galen: I have to vote Sweet 69. They're both good songs, but…

Rebecca: Maybe G-Spot is more of a curio.

Galen: You could actually imagine doing 69 to Sweet 69, whereas G-Spot is a terrible soundtrack for G-spot exploration.

Rebecca: “Where is it??”

Sarah: Yeah, that doesn't inspire much. Maybe you could listen to it for consolation afterwards.

Galen: Oh, we've failed! Jill Jones understands.

Galen: I vote Sweet 69.

Rebecca: Sweet 69.

Sarah: Sorry Prince, maybe you'll do better later.

Winner: Sweet 69

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