techniques to pee standing

page updated: 26-Apr-2005

Basic tutorial for women to pee standing

  1. Prepare: put up the toilet seat and adjust your clothes to get them out of the way (pants down, skirts up, underwear down or to the side as you prefer). Wash your hands if you've been into hot chilis, motor oil, or germ phobias.
  2. Use your fingers to spread your inner labia apart and slightly up. This is the action that prevents peeing down your leg or in a big spray, and it takes a little trial and error. See below for tips.
  3. Pee forcefully and steadily, right to the end, then stop completely. If you taper off, you will dribble.
  4. Wipe yourself if necessary.
  5. Return your toilet seat and clothing to their standard, locked positions and wash your hands.

Tips and troubleshooting for peeing standing up

To get a smooth stream of urine, as opposed to one that goes down your leg or sprays in all directions, adjust the way you spread your lips (inner labia). Many women need to lift the labia up to get a smooth stream, but I don't. Spreading too far or not far enough can make your urine spray. It just takes a little practice to get a feel for what works.

To aim, steer with your hips, not by pulling on your labia. Pulling your labia out of their optimal position can cause your urine to spray. Consistent bladder pressure also helps with aim.

Tidy places to practice are in the shower (use the drain as a practice target) or outside.

How I learned to pee standing

In about 1998 I learned to pee standing from a tutorial at that now redirects to the commercial TravelMate site. To make sure the technique remains freely available, I posted my own tutorial.

The entertaining tale of The Princess and the Pee contains a reprint of the tutorial, from which I learned.

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There are several devices available to help women pee standing. See:
Pee-Zee (my review),
pStyle and

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