life as a urinator

page updated: 10-Oct-2004

For quite some time (say, two years) special boy and I refrained from peeing with each other in the bathroom except in emergencies. This wasn't manners or squeamishness, but rather a desire to draw a precautionary line before we turned into people who shat in front of each other. I have friends who don't draw this line at all, but for some reason boy and I do. We have always peed with each other, but usually only outside (when there is no toilet, sometimes I get to help him aim). Lately we pee with the door open while the other lover is freshening up or something, and it is pretty fun. It makes us laugh because it is silly. Peeing is pretty entertaining to me in general.

During my early teen years, I was sometimes shy to make loud peeing sounds when someone else could hear. Complete strangers, close friends and family were ok, but if I was in a school bathroom with girls I sort of knew, I would try to pee while someone was flushing or washing her hands, or at least while someone else was peeing. I will note however that I always secretly liked people who peed loudly, because I associated that with not being uptight or overly concerned with cool social practices and I thought it was cute. I don't worry about this anymore, though I seem to be a fairly loud pee-er (just in terms of splash, not in terms of urethral moan/hiss). In fact, I took an immediate liking to special boy in part because he peed loudly at my house the second time I ever met him (also he was wearing the same outfit he'd been wearing the first time I met him. Hooray!).

I have never peed on anyone or been peed on intentionally except in the shower. If I recall correctly, the first incidence of this was a smutty sort of encounter (as opposed to a piss fight or something), and since then there have been both play times and smut times. It is kind of fun, but for a long time I didn't fancy the smell or the mess. In some situations now, I can be in the mood.

I have never tasted urine, but I don't think that I am opposed anymore. We'll see. I'm sure this has pricked up the ears of some readers. We'll see :) I've had the merits of drinking urine explained to me in a number of contexts (medicinal, spiritual, sexual), but I don't really buy into any of them. The thing is, I'm a biochemistry/microbiology kid, and have had to spend a fair bit of time studying the waste chemicals produced by metabolism, and various mechanisms by which these end up in urine. Pee doesn't gross me out much, but I'm not very convinced that it has medicinal properties, and for an intimate fluid I would rather deal with ejaculate and smut fluids. It is sterile though, so if you have to wash a wound in the woods, pee makes a great flush fluid.

About the only other way that I have peed is into cups, for doctors. I remember as a young thing being quite pleased about the little pee-sample cupboard in the bathroom of my doctor's office. It was just a cupboard to put your sample jar in for the nurse to pick up, so that you didn't have to walk around carrying a cup of "sample." One summer I had to have a pregnancy test, which involves peeing in a cup first thing in the morning. Later that day I took the sample back to the doctor, and decided to just carry it bare, instead of putting it in a bag or hiding it. People did not seem to think it was really a urine sample, except when I was within a few feet of entering the clinic. Then people were confused more than disgusted. The receptionist thought it was funny. ("Here is my pee! Can you tell me if I'm pregnant or not?").

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