page updated: 30-Mar-2004

Recently, I had a serious slump in libido. I'm pretty sure this was due to a prolonged mopey mood I was in. This was a big pain in the ass. Special boy still wanted to go to bed as often as usual, but didn't want to harrass me if I wasn't in the mood. I wasn't, but didn't want him to be deprived of sex and didn't want him to think I suddenly wasn't attracted to him.

I ended up having sex when I was barely aroused because I couldn't/didn't get any more excited, and when I did manage to have orgasms they tended to not be very dramatic. I tried masturbating to see if they'd be better, but they weren't. I was a bit surprised. I had never been incapable of having good orgasms before.

What finally fixed this was, I think, fixing the mopey mood. Also though, since the lame orgasms were contributing to the bad mood, I had to fix them. Even once I got my sex drive back, I kept having crummy orgasms for awhile and it would depress my libido again. Arrgh!

Eventually, I decided that I would just masturbate all the time (uhh...yeah). The idea was that this would encourage my sex drive along, because in the past I'd found that the more often I had orgasms, the more often I wanted to. I think it kind of worked, at least so that I could start having better orgasms during sex, and so that feelings of slight arousal could blossom into full-on loin fires.

Yet another therapeutic use of masturbation. I start to feel silly sometimes, with how often I reply to email from people who've been reading this site, and tell them that the answer to their troubles might be to masturbate. I used to make fun of how often that was the brilliant advice given by sex therapists in newspaper columns or on radio shows. It's true though-- it fixes almost everything!

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