bikini waxing adventures

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

In general, I found that the fur on my thighs and on my labia themselves was quite easy to pull out, did not hurt much at all, and did not grow back in a hurry. The only complicated part was finding a way to pull the lips tight while waxing. They are fleshy enough to make this difficult.

I found that, despite their fur growing generally in a direction pointing into the center of my vulva, it worked very well to spread wax on a lip in one long strip from back to front (bottom to top), to pull it tightly upwards with one hand and to pull the strip off towards the bottom/back with the other hand. By the time I tried this I had thinned the hair somewhat with some sideways strips, which I'm sure made the final strips much less painful.

The hair on my mound was deadly. Very firmly rooted, prone to just breaking off instead of pulling out, and fond of bleeding. No skin pulled off or anything, but each little wounded follicle would form a tiny bead of blood. I wanted to apologise. Also these hairs hurt way more than anything else, and swole up into red bumps almost immediately.

As a general procedure when waxing an entire unit, I would recommend planning to do it in installments. I was totally unable to do the whole thing at once, and waxing about half my mound and my whole inner thigh regions made for 5 days or so of tender, uncomfortable, itchy flesh that didn't want to wear panties.

I think the best way to proceed would be to do the thighs and begin at the side edges of the fur on the mound. Gradually make it narrower, and trim the fur only as required. Trimming the whole unit at once, as I optimistically did, is pretty silly and leaves you with prickles when you have to give up completion of the task for another day.

A "finishing oil" is a really good idea. It made me much more comfortable and noticeably reduced the red bumps. Mine contained "azulene, a camomile extract" which seemed to be popular. It is kind of funny that men are left with stinging aftershaves when these soothing oil products are marketed to women.

My only caution would be to keep the oil away from the moist inner areas of the vulva-- it has a numbing effect similar to medicated chapstick with an icy/burning sensation. Best to spray it onto hands and rub onto skin, rather than spray onto skin and risk dripping.

Finally, I'll note that stubble started appearing, mainly on my mound, about a week after I waxed, NOT the six weeks promised on the box. This may be because I had never waxed before so the hair follicles were resilient and determined, and also because some of the fur on the unit did just break off. Either way, this requires some ongoing maintenance.

As further maintenance, a good way to avoid unsightly ingrown hairs is to scrub the waxed area to exfoliate. This is pretty much impossible for a couple of days, but afterwards it feels nice and relieves itching. I use a washcloth cause the loofah the wax instructions recommended seems far too extreme.

I think that's about all I know about waxing, but if anybody has questions that weren't resolved here, please email moi.

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