bikini waxing adventures

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

I found that even cold wax required a gentle heating to get it to the recommended "honey" consistency, so I put the jar of it in a bowl of hot water. This worked quite well, although I eventually wrapped a towel around the bowl to keep it warm as it became clear this was going to take forever.

The instructions were quite simple and I had no trouble getting started. The first step was to make sure the hair to be removed was an appropriate length. Long hair had to be trimmed to about 1cm (half inch), and shaved hair had to be grown out for at least 2 weeks to a half cm (quarter inch).

I trimmed all my fur at once, which was optimistic and not such a good idea in the end. The easiest way I found to do it was to sit on the toilet and let the trimmings fall into it. No mess.

After that, the idea was to apply a thin layer of wax over a fairly small area (since the bikini area is sensitive), spreading in the direction of hair growth (root to tip). This tugged a bit but was not painful, and was easier with warmer wax. Then, a fabric strip (included) was firmly pressed onto the area to force the wax to stick to it.

Finally, the skin of the soon to be waxed area had to be pulled tight with one hand in the direction of hair growth, and the strip pulled off with the other hand in the opposite direction, extremely quickly and keeping close to the skin (not pulling straight out from the body).

The two most important things I found for good hair removal were to hold the skin very taught and to pull the strip off as fast as possible, with a single motion; a quick but fluid yank. Failure to do either of these things resulted in the strip coming off without pulling much hair out, and usually in a more painful tug overall.

To complicate things, I found that as I went on, I was much less likely to successfully pull quickly. I got tired and kind of wussed out, and also as more pain and general discomfort accumulated I got cowardly about the yanking. Beware, aspiring waxers: you require a solid, reliable yank. That would be the advantage to having somebody do it for you.

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